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ODBC Excel Connection- read FM record based on Matching Cell

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I am using Excel 365 on desktop and FileMaker Pro Advanced 15 with FileMaker Server. 

I am able to connect to FileMaker from Excel using ODBC to read all records in a table or matching it to a hard coded name. Sample:

Select work FROM "Student Time Import" WHERE badgename="Patrick Dollar"

What I'd like to do is add a where clause where it selects hours worked based on the date in the Excel spreadsheet. The cell's date is B12 and so on.  I know my syntax is wrong, but after several attempts, I haven't been able to solve it. Here is my syntax:

Select work FROM "Student Time Import" WHERE badgename="Patrick Dollar" and date = TimeSHeet(Select * FROM[SHRA Temp Timesheet.Range("B12).Value])



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This is more an excel question than a FM question so you may be better off asking this on an excel forum; every environment has its own specific way of constructing the SQL query.

One quick  note though: you have a field named "date".  That's a reserved SQL keyword and also the name for a datatype in most environments so try to avoid that name.  At the very least you will have to quote the name in your sql query.

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      I installed FileMaker Pro ODBC drivers, and was able to access the data with queries from Microsoft Excel.
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      we use your plugin Scribe for editing Excel files in our Filemaker solution.
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      I have a solution that has been working well for several months and suddenly broke. This may have been perpetuated by the last round of windows security updates. I have a list of orders displayed in a portal. The source of the portal is SQL Native 11 ODBC data. Consisting of a header table and several related tables. Clicking on a portal row will create a new Filemaker record and populate it with the related ODBC data. This will work for several hours and then un expectantly hang. The find window  \ Find in progress \ Processing query window will appear. The copy cup will then appear. When this happens the database cannot be closed from Filemaker server. The ODBC data source is no longer accessible by other applications. The only way to break the connection is to restart the Filemaker Server.

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      • Does the ODBC manager I am using not work on iOS Sierra?
      • Is there something else that I am missing?
      Notes: Filemaker 16
      Mac OS Sierra
      ODBC Manager: 1.0.12

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