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Printing in different orientations

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I have a database, which has two printable forms. One has been designed in portrait, and the other in landscape. Both of them are only ever printed using buttons tied to script steps, never manually. I was hoping that there would be some way to specify orientation via the script. However, after some poking around of my own and light Google searching I am thinking this may not be so easy.

I am able to go into Print setup to change the orientation just fine, however this sets it for the entire database which is not all around helpful. While specifying the options in the print step, I am able to change orientation. For some reason though, this changes the default orientation across the entire database. Not even while running the script, but just specifying it in the options of the script step. So now I'm at a loss.

If this is not able to be done, redesigning one of the forms wouldn't be that difficult. But if there's a way to do what I'm trying to do, any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Create two scripts:

Name:  Print: Portrait

Print Setup [ Restore ; Dialog Off ] ... and set the orientation to portrait

Repeat with Print: Landscape


Then use script trigger attached to the layout ( Layout> Layout Setup > Triggers tab and select the script as a trigger to the OnLayoutEnter.  Now it will automatically switch to the correct orientation.

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