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How to maintain scroll position when exiting text field

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I have a solution with two, side-by-side, scrolling text fields. One contains captured content. The other contains notes on the content. I need to jump from one to the other as I make notes. But when I activate the notes field, the content field jumps back to the top. I need for the scroll position of the content field to stay where I left it, so that I can resume where I left off when I return to the field. Is this possible?

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Attached is one way.  Notice there are script triggers attached to both fields.  



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This is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for providing the example.

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I'm having the same issue as -dp- and the solution posted by LaRetta seems to work great except when I try to host on WebDirect.  The scrolling text fields do not return to cursor position when returned to from another field.  Any other suggestions that work with WebDirect?

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Another approach is to script the process to APPEND or ADD an new. The key to retaining the position in the content field, is to not COMMIT the record by clicking out of the TEXT box.

In this attached sample, you can high light any text or place your cursor somewhere in the field, and still add notes. Check it out.

Did not test via WebDirect, but I used script steps compatible with WD by using the FILTER script steps.


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