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Hosting issues, recommendations

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I have a file 73.3mb hosted with fmphost with a starter filmmaker host. I am running 16 on my machines and it is hosted on 14.

It has recently become incredibly slow. I have not added any new scripts and I have removed some to see if it makes any difference.

Any insights as to why this might have happened recently? I realise that may a very difficult question to answer without seeing the solution.

Would I be better off with dedicated hosting with 16?

At the moment I am toying with going back to keeping the file in dropbox and not using go. 

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A 74MB file is small. I have a 4GB file that performs just fine. Even on Go. I would say you have inefficiencies in your database. Unstored calcs, finds that use unstored calcs, something like that.

I recently resolved an issue with starting FileMaker which was due to the DNS server responding slow. I was developing for Go and found that loading the same layout on an iPad on a remote connection was much faster than loading that same layout on a computer connected on the same LAN as the server. When I switched to connecting to the server from the locla computer using an IP address, logging in was way faster.

But for anyone to be more specific about your question, you'll need to be more specific about your issue. What are you doing when it's slow, what type of layout, are you doing summaries, etc.

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I am looking into the calculations to see which ones I can streamline.


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