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fmp17 FM17 add Filemaker data source via 'Hosts'

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In previous version of Filemaker I've been able, in the relationship graph, to 'add a Filemaker data source'. The dialogue, as in the image, after clicking 'Remote' showed only the 'principal' Filemaker file but I could replace the name with the file I sought to add manually.


Now, with FM17 I no longer have this option. So, how do I add another of the served files as a data source?

I suspect I am missing something simple

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For 17, when you click "Hosts" ( renamed from "Remote" ), you will get the Hosts window. In the upper right, is a document icon with "...". Click that.




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Thank you.

I knew if must be simple but I actually searched for answers for quite a while.

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      I used to be able to host a limited number of clients with FMP. With FM17 it now says "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." and the file shows 0 clients connected.
      Is the only way around this to get FMP server?

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