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fmp17 Filemaker 17 Advanced and sharing

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I used to be able to host a limited number of clients with FMP. With FM17 it now says "The host's capacity was exceeded, try again later." and the file shows 0 clients connected.

Is the only way around this to get FMP server?

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Did you ever manage to solve this issue, or find that FM server is the only forward now? 

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Make sure that sharing is on, ports are not being blocked by firewalls, and each client has it's own license copy. 

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Does a copy of FMGo need a license now? This is the only difference I can think of that isn't the same as in FM16.

If I host the same, or any file with a copy of FM16 it all works........ but I want to move forward with 18 and this is stopping this happening for me.

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On 5/27/2019 at 3:03 AM, lucyblade said:

Does a copy of FMGo need a license now?

FileMaker Go connections will count towards the 5 max concurrent connections.  That being said, it should have been the same with FM16.  


As for Peer to peer, it has been deprecated so it may make sense to start thinking of an exit strategy on moving your client over to server anyway.  The new licensing gives you 3 copies of server.

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Thank you for your information mr-vodka but that doesn't quote answer the question as to why FM18 won't allow a connection to FMGo 18.

There are no other connections to FM18 file so saying that the total connections have been used doesn't make sense and the total connected says 0 also, which confirms this.

I am aware of peer to peer being depreciated but it does state that this should still work for FM18, but not future releases also I do need to have offline access to the file at times also for now, so using the server option at this stage isn't beneficial.

I would like to utilise FM18 and then future proof the file with a server going forward, but if I can't get onto FM18 then I can't move his forward.


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