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New FileMaker Server on premise for testing

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We are migrating to a new FileMaker Server 19 as the hardware is getting old. 

Currently we are running Server 14 with web services enabled.

How can I setup the new server to run both on the same network? Can I change the ports without any problem?

Thanks for the input!

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There is no limitation to running multiple FMSes on the same network, they can all coexist nicely.  No need to change ports.

So there is probably something more that you are thinking about that you're not saying; what is it that you think that won't work?

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Hi Wim,

First of all, thanks for the reply.

I was thinking about servers not showing because of multiple sources using same ports or network traffic from production or test hindering the other server. But if I read your answer correctly, we don't need to worry about issues like those.

Kind regards,


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Each server is addressed - ideally - by its DNS name so routing to each one if you have multiple is not an issue at all.

The only complicating factor is access from outside your network on different names for different servers.  But that really just comes down to how your router can handle that.  There is nothing to change on the FMS side of things.

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Hi Wim,

yes, I understood already that external to internal routing is something we have to tackle as well, but our IT-guy can fix the routing in the router.

Again, thanks for your time and response.


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