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I have a database in 5.5 that is used to enter Purchase Orders. When I created it, I created a Header with vendor and customer info, a Body with repeating fields for Qty, Price, Description, etc, and a Footer with a Total Amount field and a few other things. I set up the repeating fields with a repetition of 14, and everything displays and prints perfect. I need to be able to have at least 75 lines for entering the line item detail info into the Body, but when I set the repeating fields to 75, they extend way beyond the borders of the page.

So here's my questions: Is there a way to lock the Body and use vertical scroll bars for entry? I already checked the FM KB, and there is an article about how the "Use Vertical Scroll Bar" feature doesn't work with repeating fields. Is there any way around this?

My second question is how can I set this up so that the line item data in the Body is printed in the correct area of the page when printing on multiple pages, and the Header and Footer prints on each page? Is any of this possible?

I'm used to using Access and can put this together easily using sub-tables and custom reporting, but I have no clue about Filemaker Pro. In fact, I've only been using FM for 6 months now and learned everything as I went along (so I feel pretty good) smile.gif

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Repeating fields are bad news. You should be using a portal to a line items database ("sub-tables" as you call them).

I would imagine you set up the second database in a similar fashion to Access, then in your purchase order database, set up the "relationship" (it's under the file menu). Match the purchase order number in both databases.

Check "allow creation of related records" so that you can add items through a portal. And put a portal in your purchase order database, that uses the relationship above.

Sorry this is a bit brief, but it's a lengthly topic. Hopefully this will get you started... let us know if you have any problems.

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This topic is 7824 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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