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novice question - building card collection system

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First time poster, so this may be a little basic for some of you.

I've got some FileMaker experience doing simple projects at home and at work, but not enough apparently to tackle this situation.

I'm trying to build a baseball card collection database so I keep up with all my old cards, prices, etc.

Since many of the cards will have the same player names, I'm trying to figure out a way to minimize the data entry. I can make a value list from a database of player names - no problem.

But how can I add to that list of players from the master database (where each card has a unique record) without switching to the player database and creating a new record?

Can I write a script to do this?

Can I keep it all in one database?

Thanks in advance,


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You simply want a value list that has all player names?

Don't worry about a second database...

Create a value list, select "Use values from field" and then choose the field where the player name was entered".

You can set that field up as a popup list if you like, so you can select players quickly. If the player isn't in the list yet (you haven't had any cards for that player before), then it's simply a matter that you'll have to type out the name in full. Next time, it will be in the list.

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This topic is 7808 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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