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FileMaker Dev 6 - Developer Tool


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I have developed a piece of software using FileMaker Pro 6. I am thinking of upgrading to FM Developer 6 to deploy this (using the developer tool - creating a stand-alone runtime solution) to our clients.

My question is what exactly will they be able to access and screw around with. Would they be able to re-develop it for their own use - without our knowledge? I don't want them to use this for themselves in another way.

If FM Dev 6 isn't the correct solution for securing the software integrity - does anyone have any ideas?

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I couldn't see any where else it could go.



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You can use the developer tool to "permanantly prevent modification of database structure." It can make a standalone runtime that is non-networkable, unless used with regular FMP or FMS. Even then they would not be able to alter the structure. (You may also develop with password groups, one for developer with all priviledges and one or more for groups with lesser priviledges -- with or without developer, but FMD is the only way to make runtimes)

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Some things to be aware of if you choose the FMD route:

- the Developer Tool creates standalone runtimes -- no networking capability.

- it can also be used to "permanently prevent modification of database structure" so you can pretty much lock most folks out of seeing inside your database. The databases can still be hosted with FMServer (or peer-to-peer) if the user has a license.

- users can't access Define Fields, Scriptmaker, or Define Relationships, but they can access Define Value Lists so don't have anything in there that you don't want them to see.

- make a backup before running the databases through the Developer Tool

- your clients will not have access to Layout Mode so don't count on any custom report building you haven't already put in.

- if you plan to upgrade the solution in the future, have a solid plan to make this easy on you and your client (especially if they are remote).

- there are also plug-ins from New Millennium (see SecureFM at http://www.nmci.com/Product_Overview.htm) that allow you to have very fine control over your deployed solutions.



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This topic is 6753 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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