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Database Sharing (Mac)


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We have a few databases running on a Mac G4 sys 9.2 FileMaker 5. The databases are related, using portals: teachers, schools, projects, groups, etc.

They are shared by the client using Open: Hosts. The databases have been set-up using Aliases in the Startup Items Folder.

We have had difficulties in one database 'finding' a related database. We have overcome this by having each of the databases open on the server.

Is this necessary? Do the databases you wish to share HAVE to be open on the server, or should they be located and opened simply by making a request that calls into action the relationship. Even if this is carried out by the client.

Hope this makes sense. Many thanks.


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There are 2 way to open a database file. One is to use the File -> Open command and open the file vis the operating system. The other is to use the File -> Open Remote and open the file as a guest via Filemaker networking.

If the files are unable to be opened as a guest (because they are not open on the "host"), then they will be opened via the operating system. This will lead to you having a whole series of "hosts" on your network and will degrade performance seriously.

If you are not going to run Filemaker Server, then I would suggest that you open ALL databases on the dedicated host machine (ideally from its own local harddrive) and use the "File -> Open Remote" command from all guest machines.

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Open remote = Open --> Hosts and is available on fm5


the g4 works as a server. all the files have to open on the server in order to be accessed remotely, so put aliases of the files in the server startup folder.

the clients will access the files using File->Open Remote... or File->Open...->Hosts

Clients MUST NOT access the files via filesharing (accessing the server HD). This lead to file corruption.

If you want users to access easyly served files you have to set up "openers".

An opener is a FM file with no records and a single script. The single script just opens the hosted database file. The document prefs are set up to call the script when the file is opened. A copy of the opener is located on each client. The user have just to open the opener with a double click and the opener takes care of opening the correct served database.

If you search sample files in FMforums you'll find templates for openers.

Good luck.

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This topic is 6540 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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