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IWP and FileMaker Business Tracker problem!!


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Computer: eMac

OS: Panther 10.3

IP: Static

I downloaded Business Tracker from Filemaker website, and enabled Instant Web Publishing.

But when I go to my other PC and launched it from IE, all the buttons and functions are screwed up, It's unusable. At the time I thought it was a Windows issue, but when I went home and tried to use it at home with my G4, same problems. Following are some of the problems:

- Home page is the catalog page instead of the main home page.

- "Return to Products" button disappears.

- Can't log out, log out creates red "x"s and sometimes crashes network.

- All buttons on the top that should read "Home, Companies, Contacts, Invoices, Products, Reports, Preferences" becomes all "Home".

- Can't create new entries.

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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The FMBT was not designed with IWP in mind. When the FMBT was in development, IWP was not even close to being ready, so FMI and we decided that IWP with FMBT was not something we were going to worry about in the primary release. If you want the FMBT to work with IWP, be prepared to make some minor and some major modifications, or wait until later. ???-) HTH

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This topic is 6466 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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