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Using Functions in Subsummaries

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I have a database of patient surveys that I have upgraded from FM 6 to FM 7, and am having trouble producing accurate reports using subsummaries.

Normally, calculations work fine with subsummaries--if, for example, C = A + B, then I could write the following formula:

C = GetSummary(A, break field) + GetSummary(B, break field)

HOWEVER, if a calculation contains a formula, then FM 7 will show an average of ALL surveys (i.e. not doing a subsummary)

For example, the following formula would work in FM 6, but NOT FM 7 (as far as I can tell)B)

C = Average(GetSummary(A, break field), GetSummary(B, breakfield).

Similar results occur with other functions, such as Count().

Is there any way I can find subsummaries of fields based on calculations containing functions in FM 7?

Any information you might have would be MOST appreciated!!

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I was able to reproduce this behavior. The GetSummary() part is working correctly, but the Average() is not. To get it to work, you could change the calculation to:

C = (GetSummary(A, break field) + GetSummary(B, break field)) / 2


GetSumA = GetSummary(A, break field)

GetSumB = GetSummary(B, break field)

C = Average(GetSumA; GetSumB)

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This topic is 7159 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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