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FM 7 and Photo base ?


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Guys, I need some help here,

I am totally new to FM, and I am not a DB expert,

so I use the filemaker's template for Home > Photo Catalog database to store digital pictures... all works great, the problem is when I try to open a remote database... the database opens great in the network, but the images won't load... any of you knows how to fix the issue? The error is "file not found" in the image field. Where is the problem exactly?




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The problem is that only a local database can see a referenced image on that same drive. In order for other computers to see it it either:

1. Must be in a operating system shared folder on that same drive; which is a serious "no-no," because it could interfere with FileMaker's built-in networking (different), with disastrous results, including damaged databases.

2. Must be on a shared drive somewhere else, like on another client machine, which all clients have access to. This is the best high-volume solution. But it means the files must be inserted/imported from that location.

3. The graphics can be embedded directly in the file. This is by far the easiest solution. And, with FileMaker 7's massively high file size limits, it's now a realistic choice. They can be in their own related file, if you want to keep separate from the main data table.

4. Embed thumbnails directly, but keep the large graphic files somewhere else; a combo of 2 and 3.

Someone might have a better solution, and I'd love to see it. I do not see how the new "image from a relative file path" really helps with this problem; at least I was unable to figure out how to translate it to read from another computer on the network (I did figure out how to make it read from anywhere on the same drive).

BTW, that Photo Catalog, while a good template, is not optimized for 7. On the thumbnail layout there are I think 16 scripts (invisible square buttons). These can all be just 1 script, passing a parameter, a number: 1, 2, 3, etc.. If you want to be fussy :-)

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Fenton, I am in the process of testing a imaging archiving application. Currently, the database is approx 10 Gig and have no issues with reliability, or speed of the application due to the 3.0 ghz hyperthreading CPU with 800 mhz bus speed running from a RAID 5 config with 3 SCSI 10K RPM hard drives. Program is running under FM Server 7. All works as smooth as a sewing machine.

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This topic is 6255 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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