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Asian characters appears like □□□


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I have a question. grin.gif

I am in Korea, and I found when I import a file with Korean filename and show the filename in the records(not having problems with importing those files with Korean names) or when I use value lists with Korean text to use in Radio buttons, check box etc., the letters become all □□□(empty squares) .

I don't have any problems with typing Korean in fields and They are saved well, and are shown well when I reopen the files.

The problems occur only when including importing behavior..

How can I solve this?

Currently in Korea, there isn't any vendor of fileMaker. I bought a Filemaker in USA. This mean no special language support for Korean...

I haven't updated FileMaker and my FileMaker is pretty much the same with the FileMaker CD.

If I update my fileMaker Can I solve this? or If not, FileMaker have plan to develop and provide such support?

Thank you in Advance ~

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Is the file you are importing Unicode? If not, it might be better to use another program to convert to a Unicode character encoding, then import it. I think the only asian encoding supported during import is SJIS.

You might also try defining your fields as Japanese - I think this will automatically turn on "font-lock" and other features that might help.

Hope that helps.

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This topic is 6445 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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