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tracking users logged in


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hi all,

please bear with me with the following questions, im not a database developer by trade, ive just picked things up along the way, so am quite ignorant about lots of things.

my work has recently upgraded to FM7 with most users accessing the data via instant web publishing. this has a limit of 5 users that can access via the web at any given time. as we have more than 5 people who need to access the file, i have set the timeout period to only 10 minutes, so there is regular turnover and people dont have to wait too long to get on. but there are a couple of problems.

1. i cant work out how to stop users logging on more than once. so if they close the browser without logging off and then go back in with their username, they will then be occupying two of the 5 'slots' available for web users, and there doesnt seem to be any way to log out of the first 'slot' that they failed to log out of properly. so how can i prevent users logging on more than once with the same username is my first question.

2. users have been losing some data due to the timeout occuring... is there a way to display the time elapsed since they logged in - or the time to go until they will be timed out?? i cant find any functions that track log-in type info.

3. if possible, it would also be good to display WHO is logged in via the web at any given time, so users can negotiate with each other about who should log off so someone else can log on. again, i cant find out how to do this.

finally, we are considering getting some more copies of filemaker, to reduce the load on the IWP facility. could anyone advise as to whether it would be more sensible to get extra copies of filemaker so that some users can access thru the filemaker network, or would it be better to get some product like filemaker server? does this increase the number of users who can access via the web?

any product advice would be gratefully received. we have about 8 people who usually need to access the database at a time, but only 6 who can at the moment. we are a small startup business, so need to keep our running costs as low as possible.

thanks in anticipation,


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FileMaker Server Advanced 7 can host 100 web users concurrently.

If all people are in-house and in the same building, I'd suggest forgetting IWP and giving them all a copy of FMP instead.

Get a copy of FM Server 7 (not advanced) to host the databases and perform automatic backup etc.

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there is absolutely no way the business has the $$ to buy everyone a copy of FM - thats why we are using IWP. how many web users can be hosted by FM server (not advanced)?

and can you help on the questions about users logging in at all, as it may be a while before we can do any purchasing, so need to work out the best interim measures.

thanks again,


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FM Server does not have any web hosting at all. It's in Advanced.

I know of no way to stop users logging in, or to track users as such.

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This topic is 6443 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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