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I have just started using FMP 7.0. The closet I have worked in is Access. Is there a way to mimic events in FMP 7.0? I was wanting to do an "Onchange" event. When a value changes in a field I want to recalculate the value in another field. Are the "Get" Functions the close as I can get?

Thanks for any help.

Bob Smyth

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I assume that you want the "other" field to not be a calculation...

You might be able to use the FMP 7 example plug-in to trigger a script upon leaving the first field that updates the second field.

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One option is to make the dependent field a calculation field. The formula for the calculated result should contain a reference to the other field so the calculation will update. If you don't want to use a calculation field, you can have a regular field that is set to auto-enter a calculated result. This can in many ways work the same as a calc field, but you can edit the field directly as well.

If you actually want an "Onchange event" to trigger a script, then you need a plugin. Fortunately, FM7 has included a plugin that runs a script on the developer edition CD. Check out databasepros.com for an example database that uses this essentially free plugin. There are also a couple of threads discussing this if you search for "example plugin".

For more advanced events, like scheduling or triggering scripts on remote computers, check out Troi Activator or oAzium Events. These aren't free. There are other ways to trigger scripts externally as well that involve the use of applescript on the Mac and ActiveX on Windows... so scheduling script execution could for instance be controlled using shell scripts and a crontab.

Hope this gives you some ideas,


P.S. Oh yeah, don't double post....

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This topic is 7106 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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