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How do I create a Log for incoming/outgoing calls?

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cpfound    0

I would like to develop a way of keeping track of all phone calls made and received here in the office. I am very new to Filemaker, is there a simple and efficent way to do this? Your help is much appreciated.

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Steve T.    0

Howdy! There's probably a template you could use (FM ships with a bunch of templates), but if not, you can create simple database yourself. I think you will find it easy to use and work with.

1. Run Filemaker Pro and create a new blank database

2. Define your fields, i.e. what kinds of info do you want to record (date, time, caller, phone number, etc.)

3. Go to LAYOUT MODE and slide the fields around until you like how they are set up; reduce the size of the BODY and/or other parts if you like

4. Go to BROWSE MODE and create a new record (type info in).

With a little more time, you can learn how to do things like have FM auto-enter dates/times (define fields options, insert current date/time from menu, etc.), auto-calculate lengths of calls, track how many calls were made to various people, how many calls so-and-so made this week/month/year, etc. All kinds of things are available to you with FileMaker. You just have to dive in and give it a try.

Good luck!


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MoonShadow    0

And there is more you can do ...

Phone companies now (at least most) can provide ftp file download of incoming/outgoing calls. It produces AccountName (person), CallOrigin, CallDestination, Time, cost, length etc.

I use a CallLog table joined to my Number table (Contact phone numbers, emails, fax, website) and all in & out calls display in a portal on each Contact record. Auto import updates data regularly and displays when anyone from our office has called a Contact - and when the Contact has called us. It even displays the cost so we can track when repeated calls produce sales results.

Because our Number table is not normalized as yet (it contains a mix of parenthesis, dash and spaces in the phone numbers), I use Filter(number; "0123456789") - if you have vs. 7 (or Substitute if < 7) for both the Call Log and the Contacts Number fields for the join. We could, of course, capture outgoing calls (via script) because we dial from FM but incoming is another matter (staff would forget to document they received the call). I decided to let the phone company provide us with everything we need instead. It also tracks our 8 toll-free lines for us which is valuable information not captured easily in other ways (per sales Territory etc).

It also tells Management when an employee calls long distance to someone who isn't a customer! ooo.gif

So just create a CallLog table. Import data into it. Join your table (with the phone numbers) to the Call Log on number (Type = Phone is included in my join to filter the portal). Place a Call Log portal on your Contact layout. Remove option to enter portal (I overlay it with transparent Commit Record/Request step). Turn off field-entry ability also. Don't Allow Creation of Related and you will have a nice list of (unaccessible) phone activity. Very simple and you'll be in business in no time.

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kevh72    0

The most basic solution will be to create a table called "Call Log" or "Call Sheet" Create the following fields, "Caller's Name," "Caller's Company," "Caller's Number," "Call Code," and "Message."

Create the following value list for "Call Code": "Please Call Back," "Returned Call," "To Call," "Message Only," "Left Word," and "Call Connected."

A list view is usually preferable since you want to see all calls in one view. With FM7 you can have a new "form" window pop up to create a new call and return to the main "list" view when done.

A call log can be even more dynamic if you have contacts database. You can have the call log lookup contact info such as Company name and number based on the relationship between the caller's name and their name in contacts. You can also create color coding depending on the nature of the call for a quick visual reference.

I've worked for several years in feature film development in Hollywood in which call volume is high and call management is extremely important. I created a database solution while working there and when I left I was hired by another company to design theirs. I've attached a screenshot of the call sheet I designed for my latest client.


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