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Unique value validation has changed in FM 7!

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I have used customer postcodes and field that required a 'Unique' postcode field value during data entry to avoid creating duplicate customer records on my database.

This worked well with FileMaker versions 3 and 4.1 but with FileMaker 7 the onscreen warning of a duplicate does not trigger until I have finished keying-in all the address and customer data. Earlier versions of FileMaker picked up the duplicate as soon as I tabbed out of the postcode field.

I'd appreciate advice if anyone knows a simple way to get round this? It still seems to work in the 'old way' in FM Dev 7 in Windows XP... but not on the Mac in OSX!

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I'm rather new to filemaker but love the abilities it has ..

I'm trying to create a database that I can use to dedupe sales leads,

this Unique Value Validation sounds like a good possiblity could you please let me know what you think and if it is a possibility how I would use it ..



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It sounds like two separate items: getting rid of dups and preventing new ones from occuring. To find the dups, enter find mode and put a ! in the field that you want to dedup from. That will give you all the duplicate entries for that field. Be careful, though, if it is a name/address type table. Joe Blow could be Joseph Blow in another record. While a dup, it wouldn't be picked up. You can certainly author scripts to help recognize dups.

The larger question is how to prevent new dups from happening. You need to have a unique field, such as SSN or something. Put the validation on that field and you will eliminate dups.

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This topic is 7211 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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