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Hello all. I am new to FileMaker Pro, and have a question on which direction to go to use it the way I want. I am independantly employed, and when I am hired for a job, I bring up and print a lot of different types of documents. I also have to create my invoices, and keep track of estimates, and received payments. The documents are Excel Documents, Word Documents, Pictures, Quickbooks data, and address/contact information (through Address Book, or Now Contact). Is there a way that I can create a grouping that I could recall all this information automatically? For instance, if I type in the name of the engineer who hired me, I would like to have either a thumbnail come up (which I could click on to open the file in the native program, or just print it right there), or just have a link come up that I could click on. That way I could see the setup pictures, setup notes, past billing, contact info for him, etc. all in one place. I don't mind taking the time and setting up all the links between the programs, or what ever it takes. I am not looking for a quick one-day solution, I am expecting this to take some time, and that's fine. Any help on getting FileMaker Pro to link to other programs, or any other suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks

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This topic is 7211 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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