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IIS6 (win2003) and WSC7 (FMSA7). Not supported?


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Hey guys, quick question. We're trying to install FMSA7 on an IIS6 box running 2003, and are less than successfull. Installation looks like it goes through ok, but when trying to pull up the WSC admin page it gives out a 404, page not found.

Tried installing on another box to capture registry entry's, installed files, and building a virtual directory for it, but none of it works when beinging it back to the 2003 box. I can install it on an XP machine, 2k machine, etc, just not 2003 with the latest and greatest IIS.

Anyone have any clues? Or using a successfull combination of II6 and FMSA7?

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if u are running IIS as ur webservice, it might come in conflict with FMSA. so far i am still waiting for my FMSA to arrive... i cannot believe how long the supplier has made me wait on this one.

soon i am going to put it on a Win2k3 box as well.

if i were u, i might try not to put IIS and FMSA on the same box...

p.s. my recent experience with Microsoft is terrible, a while ago Internet Connection sharing would come in conflict with FMP's IWP, and there is still no solution for this unless u use a router or have FMP run on a different computer. (about 5 days of blind-testing, trying, configuring... and in the end failed) confused.gif

a little later, Microsoft's VPN on Win2k3 would not co-exist with FMP's IWP and MDaemon, it will fail to work even if it gets installed. i had to put VPN server on a different box for this! (about 6 hours of headache) mad.gif

then lately WinXP SP2 is in conflict with Symantec WinFax Pro (about the top Fax program around), such that server/client won't work on WinXP SP2 boxes... this really drove me mad since i had been trying to configure it for 9 hours straight... and no luck. in the end... it only runs fine on WinXP SP1 below... frown.gif

so what i would suggest for a Microsoft *combo*... is to turn away from it or have it sit by itself somewhere else... tongue.gif

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This topic is 7212 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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