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8.0v2 Changes to Searching


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I've looked at a similar thread (172736) pointing out the change in FileMaker 8.0v2 where searches are now performed from the local cache, rather than from the host.


FileMaker Pro 8.0v2, FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 Advanced

Mac OS X


Performing finds on a hosted file that contains unstored calculation fields can result in a larger local temp file.


In FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Pro 8.0v1, all finds on unstored calculation fields were sent to the host.

This was an issue with certain unstored calculations such as calculations that use a Get(StatusAreaState) or something else that must be done locally. Unfortunately, in some more complex cases, the calculation could not run correctly on the host, and the field became unsearchable.

To resolve this, In FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 all unstored finds are now performed locally, which will result in more records being cached in the local temp file.

This applies to FileMaker Pro 8.0v2 with either FileMaker Server 7 or FileMaker Server 8.

The time it now takes to perform the search in the unstored fields is noticeably slower.

The field being searched is a calculation (therefore unstored) of a number of fields that make up the Company + Clients records.

Searching this calculation field allows users to enter a text string and search any of the 20 related fields.

I've attached a small sample to show how my file is constructed.

I want to be able to index this search field, to speed up the searches, but at the same time ensure the users are getting up to date data . . .

Thanks in advance


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It shouldn't be too hard to make your search on indexable fields alone (see also this thread).

In broad terms, do your search in the Companies table first (using only local fields).

If you find anything, GTRR in Clients (Show related only, Match found set), and do a search there extending the found set.

If you haven't found anything in Companies, move to Clients and do a search there.

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thanks for the tip . . .

I think I've used the wrong method to by-pass the dialog where there are no records in the first find, as now if there are no records from either search I am presented with the same records I was browsing (before the search) and no feedback that the search does not find any records.

Is there a better way to skip the 'no records' found dialog after the first find ?


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I didn't check your script thoroughly (I did notice you're checking for total records instead of found).

I am attaching a template that does more or less what I suggested. It still needs some work, though. You might consider doing all this in another window, where you can present the found records in a list, while still keeping the original found sets - in case nothing is found.


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Thanks again for your help Comment.

I've looked at what you have built, and can see what you are suggesting, and the changes I would need to make to the user experience, to get a similar result before the 8.0v2 update.

To keep the same 'simple' user experience, I have scripted the copying and updating of the Company records to new fields in the related Client records, to allow for the searches to be in indexed fields.

It's a pity FileMaker would make such a change to un-indexed searching, it seems such a 'band aid' solution . . .

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This topic is 5717 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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