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Is WC severely limited in data capture?

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Hi Folks;

I'm building a small site based on FM using its Web Companion and Custom Pages. I've noticed an odd set of problems that lead me to suspect that the FM/Web Companion combo chokes if too much data is being added from a web page. Here's the situation;

A user at a company will be filling out a set of web forms in order to request the company's Production Dept. to build a quote for them. Depending on what the user is requesting a quote for, they can fill out one of four forms.

What's happening is, when submitted (at this stage, a record has already been created so the user is adding new info to an existing record), all the forms return a "page unavailable" error.

Hitting "refresh" at the "page unavailable";

--the shortest of the forms (9 fields) returns a successful result and the data shows up in the FM database.

--the second shortest (11 fields) returns the custom error page (indicating some bad code but I can handle that part)

--the other two (27 and 29 fields) never get past "page unavailable"

...which, on the surface, looks like FM/WC can only handle so many fields being submitted to it.

Any truth to this or is something else at work?

I'm building this using FM 5.5 on Win98. I'm planning to migrate it to a G3 for final use.

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A bit more info is needed... What version FMP? What server OS, what browser versions?

As a hunch, do any of the field used in the web pages have spaces or other non-alphanumeric characters in their names?

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This topic is 8312 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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