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Instant publisher support for scripts

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have been testing this out with 5.5 but does anyone know if filemaker plan full script support when they are published online, as i have tried to publish a large solution with the instant publisher it looks great but none of my scripts run as the publisher only supports about three lines of scripts..

is there anything out there that will work with or like instant publisher to run all my scripts in a browser in the same way they run in filemaker

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Hi, I think that far more knowledgable people than I on this forum will tell you that it is very difficult to reliably run any scripts on a database with a web interface!

Usually there's another approach which involves a bit of restructuring, indexed calculations, FMP-ifs, Javascripts and Inlines - all the new tricks you get with a browser interface.

If you can post some details of your project, maybe someone wil come up with a workround??

regards, Jeff

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my project

i have a large database that i am looking at various solutions to get it on the web.

the database consists of about 17 different tables, all related, we use it internally to enter all our research data into, it then takes this data and produces our standard reports, it contains data like trends shares and market values market breakdowns and company profiles.

we have a very simple version just three tables published on the web in CDML that just lists all the data and has simple search and sort functions for our clients around europe, we update this about two times a month.

we also send out the large solution in a runtime version on a cd to clients which they can use the more sophisticated searches, sorts, exports, and graphs but this is only done about three times a year which puts the cd out of date after about a month

so at the mo we have a perfect cd runtime but is outdates after a while or a rather limited but up to date web version

what we would really like and are looking to do is to get a version on the web that is to the same standard as the runtime we send out so that clients could log on to the web and get up to date figures and have all the same functionality.

we have someone looking at creating a mysql db that will be fed each day by our main db that we use internally and web pages created with pearl and cgi scripts

i have been lookiing at trying with unlimited 5.5 and cdml as i have very little experience with java or xml

i have looked at the instant publishing but it wont run any of my complex scripts

so if any one has any groundbreaking ideas it would be very much appreciated

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This topic is 8286 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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