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Connection limits on Web Companion

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Hello All,

Another question...

Anyone know how the guest limit (preset to 10) is counted?

Is it 10 connections to one database file?

Is it 10 total connections of database and actual access?

When do these timers reset? The doc is really lacking on this?

Is it 10 connections in the 12 hour period of time mentioned?

Up until a few minutes ago, I've been able to access my site over the net without a problem. I've checked my IP address and reset it via the router. Both computers can access the internet but not the IP for the application. I tried changing the port number from 80 to 591 with no change in the result. I have also rebooted the host machine. I will now reboot this one.

Thanks again!


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I just wonder if something else is a foot here.

My setup has the iMac host sitting in a DMZ on my LinkSys router.

All traffic coming in, is coming through with a single IP address, that of the router itself, not my external IP.

At one point I was thinking that it was a mix of the number of open databases with connections.

If what you say, is correct, how is it that 2 or 3 people have connect problems. I am in test mode right now. I expect I may need FMP unlimited in the future.

I think something else is in the mix.

As always, thanks,

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This topic is 8258 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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