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Valuelist, related values

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I'm trying to show a valuelist on a webpage (search form) using CDML...

When I set up the valuelist in the FileMaker-file to contain "values from field", it's not a problem - the valuelist is presented on the webpage.

But when i change the definition of the valulist in the FileMaker-file to only contain related values... It doesn't work! No trace of the valuelist on the webpage! frown.gif" border="0

The relation to control the valuelist is from a Global field in the same file set to "sound" and related to all items labeled "sound".

The "related valuelist" is working great in the FileMaker-file by the way.

Please help!

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It's well known that related value lists don't work through web companion. There are several work-arounds. However I'm not sure what your solution does. Could you explain it?

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Hi, I'm in the process of building an online image resource database where, in Filemaker, there is a whole cascade of related value lists in one file;





then the record information and free text fields.

........each one is dependant on the one above.

The way I have the web interface structured is to separate the value lists into three files with a relationship within each, so the home page shows all of the sections with the categories as a portal to each, click a category to see all the subcategories, click one of those to see the sub-subcategories. When the search of the lists reaches any point where there are no more levels, the value is passed to the image resource database and the results are returned.

This is kinda hard to explain in words, but email me for a url to the site where it's being built.

regards, jeff

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This can be done with repeated find processes. The user selects a value from menu 1 and submits. There is a TechInfo article about the pprocess: 105336 "Conditional value Lists for the Web." Just be open minded about it: the process does not actually use value lists in FMP, it generates an HTML menu. It's the most robust and protable solution possible.

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This topic is 8215 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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