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Loggin in to Web Connector

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Upon installation of web connector 5.5 on a FMP 5.5 unlimited edition and lasso 5.0

went to http://localhost/fmpro?config to configure the administrator account, like as the documentation says. And a login box pops up.

What is the default login if there is one? There was no preset passwords or user login and have tried all the ones that are used in lasso and FMP.

This is Queer.. Appreciate any suggestions.

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MG - When you install the WSC you were supposed to access a file that sets up an admin account which includes a username and a password. Those bits of info are stored in a file - varies depending on the server you use. You should determine from the wsc documentation what file that is and delete it. Restart the server and a new file will be created. Then open the file that the directions below point you to and set a username and password.

Using the Web Server Connector as host 35

Configuring the Web Server Connector Administration Account

You must configure an Administration Account the first time you

use the Web Server Connector.

1. Open the Web Server Connector.

Depending on your web server software, do one of the following:

1 For IIS and PWS: On the web server, choose Start menu >

Programs > FileMaker WSC IIS > FileMaker WSC Admin.

1 For NES: On the web server, choose Start menu > Programs >

FileMaker WSC NES > FileMaker WSC Admin.

1 For AppleShare IP and WebSTAR: On the web server, launch the

file FMWSC Configuration Page, located in the FileMaker WSC


1 For Apache, or to configure the Web Server Connector remotely:

Point your browser to the IP address or domain name of your web

server using the address

http://your IP address or domain name/FMPro?config

Use the format 123.456.789.123 or www.yourdomainname.com for

your IP address or domain name.

Apache FMPro?config is case sensitive, and must be entered exactly

as it appears here.

Tip If the database is shared from the same computer as the web

server software, you may enter localhost as the domain name.

2. Enter a user name and password at the prompt.

Use the same user name and password as for administrator-level

access to your web server.

Note IIS users, enter a user name only.

Using the Web Server Connector as host 39

Resetting the administrator account

If you forget or lose your Web Server Connector administrator

password, you can reset it by deleting the fmwsc.properties file and

restarting your web server. This file is recreated the next time the

Web Server Connector is launched.

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Instead of http://localhost/fmpro?config try

http://your server's IPaddress/localhost/fmpro?config

I assume you are using a Windows O/S - if so type in administrator for username and the administrator password for password.

For some reason on my Windows boxes I must type in the username and password a second time for it to work - and that my friend, as you say, is queer.

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Not trying to be a smart-ass here, just trying to cover the basics.

1. Your web server connector goes on the same box as your server.

2. You install the WSC from the FMWSC CD - not the CD with FMP application, and restart your server.

If you can't find the component files for the WSC, I'm stumped. I'm a Mac guy so you'll have to hope a wintel person might have some idea what's wrong with the install.

3. You may not be looking on the right place. Check your web server's log or admin utility to determine if the WSC has been loaded/recognized by your server.

4. The IP that is used to access the WSC configuration page is the IP of the server machine, like so...

5. I do not know whether the WSC will work if FMP is on the same machine as the server, but if it works it will at least require FMP to use a port other than 80, typically 519.

Hope you get it licked.

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This topic is 8168 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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