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Strange crash on File Close

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I have one file (using 8.5 Adv on XP) that I just noticed causes a strange Filemaker crash when I exit in certain ways.

Doesn't happen after closing any of my other files.

Here's what happens:

- File has only one window open, maximized. Close the file using the lower x box in upper right corner .... file closes, but then immediately get the old "FileMaker Pro Advanced.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

- If I have the file in a non-maximized window and just X out, get same result... only it takes a little longer. (Once it didn't happen at all, but after I closed FileMaker and ran it again, it happened immediately when it started... like it was just really late that time for some reason?.. this only happened once).

- If I use File Close from the menu, same result, but also takes several seconds to happen.

Here's the really weird part:

If I use File Exit or X out using the upper right X box (as in, exit FileMaker, not exit the file), no errors.

Also, none of my other files do this at all.

Some stuff I've already tried...

* Save the file compressed... no change.

* Run a Recover... no change.

* Save a clone... no change.

* Delete all the layouts created or modified since the last ver. of the file that didn't produce the error (I think I got them all)... no change.

I can go back to the last cleanly working ver. of the file and start over, but without knowing what did this, how will I avoid doing it again?

Anybody got any ideas on what could be doing this?

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This topic is 6059 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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