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Just joined this list. I have had major failure in my FM4 Database. I have three tiers of records - Invoices, People and Books, and they are suposed to communicate with each other- when I click on a customer to create an invoice it was working fine, but when I entered the record # nothing showed up. The record was marked as sold however, but not appearing on the invoice at all. Also, when I click on the customer ( people) I want to view a previous invoice, the record again is blank on the invoice- yet I know there are several invoices for a certain customer- they all appear devoid of records.

Now on a second pass - there are no invoices appearing at all.

Also can anyone offer any help on locating someone who can instruct me over the phone- or come in to me and fix this?

I am in Southern Michigan- Hillsdale County.

All other functions seem to be working okay. (so far) I have had FIVE computer experts try and help on this and we have not made any progress.... my computer has been down for almost a month...

thanks for any insight.

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This topic is 8577 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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