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Any help on this would be great

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I am a systems manager new to a school and I am currently creating a database of student records as well as schedules of each class. The way my database is setup is one layout that would contain that student will all information classes, grades, first name, last name broken up into 12 quarters. Then separate layout for each quarter for grades classes, class location, teacher, and day, ECT.


Jim Smith

Class name Time Day Teacher Grade Classroom Math 1 4-7 Tuesday Bill 10 201

Science 5-8 Wed Mary 10 202

History 7-10 Thursday Jake 10 219

The problem I am having is that the fields

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Originally posted by RET:

I would like to make this easier and just be able to pick a class, day, time, teacher and classroom and add all the students into it maybe from a value list or something. Then when I went to this student ? Jim Smith? I would automatically have a schedule filled out.

Then start with the "Class" record and fill in the information from there. You will need a join file between Student and Class which would contain the ClassID and the StudentID.

Once all of the class information is filled in and the students are joined to it, then looking at the particular student, you will have thier entire schedule.



Kurt Knippel


Database Resources

mailto:[email protected]



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This topic is 8542 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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