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Adding data to a related file

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I have not been able to get any results from an answer to a previous question. Maybe I am not interpreting it correctly.

I will pose it as simply and detailed as I can:

I have one file called test. I consider it the related file. It has 2 fields: 1. Name text indexed

2. City text

I have a master file called mtest

It has 2 fields: 1. Name text

2. City text lookup

looked up value: copy from "test.fp5"::city

"If no exact match do not copy" is selected

"Don't copy contents if empty" is checked.

Look up a value from the first matching record given by the relationship: test

Define Relationship:

Related name: test

Relationship: name = ::name

Related field: test.fp5

Prohibit mod of value: not checked

Allow creation of related records: checked

Match data from field in current file: mtest.fp5 name

With data from field in related file ::name

Now: What can I do here?:

If I add a name and city in mtest, nothing happens in test.

If I add a name and city in test, nothing happens in mtest.

If I put a name in a record in test and the same name in a record in mtest. Adding a city to the record in mtest does nothing in test.


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I was just making a test example to try to figure out what can be done with related files. I had wanted to use the capability of putting in data in a master file and having it be added to the related file. The answer that Chuck gave me to my original question was jargon to me. So I created a simple set of files to show exactly what I had done and the results that I didn't get. I started with the statement in the Pro 5 users guide on page 2-5 which says that "If you are working with related files, you can add records to the related file as you enter data in a record in the master file". I have not gotten this to work so I spelled out the exact test set-up that I used. If you would please read my previous question of 1/15/01 9:52 AM, you would see my dilema. I tried to email to Chuck, but his address didn't work, (I think his server might have been down) so I reposted a new topic. I guess that the confusion on your part was that you didn't know what happened before.


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Well I think I understand what you are trying to do even if I don't understand why. Try the following:

Enter the same name in both files (e.g John)

Enter a city in the test file e.g New York

Click into the Name field in the Mtest file

Click on the Records menu and select Relookup

The database matches this record with the record with the same name in the Test file and then inserts New York into the City field in the MTest file. Lookups only happen when you tell them to.

If you wanted New York to appear in the Mtest file immediatly when you enter it in the Test file then try changing the City field in the MTest file to ::City using the relationship you have already set up.

Hope this helps you understand it better. It can be very confusing when you first start!

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This topic is 8524 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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