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Help! I have Invoice d/b and InvoiceDetails d/b.

Ex: Invoice#100: Grand&Toy

InvoiceDetail#1001 Staples

InvoiceDetail#1002 Paper

InvoiceDetail#1003 Labels

When I create a new Invoice (#100) with 3 details, it should simultaneously copy 3 records to InvoiceDetails d/b. This InvoiceDetails d/b should contain every detail from every Invoice record.

I am having trouble with the scripting to copy records to the InvoiceDetails d/b. (THe number of details should be dynamic and a button should allow user to add new detail) Or should it even be copying? Maybe it should be the actual records from the InvoiceDetail d/b and a portal should be used to view it in Invoice d/b.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure I understand the question. Copy three records to the InvoiceDetails db from where? I think you might be using the word "copying" in a nonconventional way.

In a typical Invoice/Line Item organization, records in the Invoice file represent individual invoices and records in the Line Item (InvoiceDetail) contain individual items on an invoice. First an invoice is created, then line items are entered in a portal. Each portal entry is one record in the Line Items file. Records are created in the Line Items file automatically (if the relationship is setup correctly) as items are added to the invoice.

How about restating your question by telling us what you are trying to do?


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I guess I wasn't too clear.

Sorry I don't really want to copy. My problem seems so simple.

I want to make a new Invoice.

That Invoice might have a few Details (Line Items) that is shown by a portal. When I enter the details, it should automatically be updating in the Details d/b of course.

I cannot do two simple things:

1) I need a button to enter a new Invoice DETAIL in the portal (new row) and it updates the InvoiceDetails d/b.

2)As each InvoiceDetail Record is being made from the portal in INvoice d/b, I want that d/b (InvoiceDetail) to have Invoice ID# and Company Name to which that Detail belonged to from the Invoice d/b.

For example:

------Invoice d/b (1 record)------

Invoice ID:100

Company: Grand&Toy

Portal row 1: Staples

Portal row 2: Paper

----InvoiceDetails D/b (2 record)-----

Invoice Details ID:1001

Item: Staples



Invoice Details ID:1002

Item: Paper




Thanks in advance,


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This topic is 8519 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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