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not sure about the specific user part, but you can create a counter. Make sure that the user can't print unless they push your print button. (in the Passwords dialog, leave Print records checked, but choose None on the menus options). Have a field that is called print counter and in the script that calls for the print dialog box, have a "Set Field ["PrintCounter","Printcounter + 1"] step somewhere in the script.

Of course, then EVERYTHING you want the users to be able to do has to be done with your buttons. But generally, this is what i would perfer to do anyway, after all, we are all control freaks are we not?

off the top of my head, you COULD create a different field for each user and use the logged computer name to determine which field to update. Or password entered. Both of these could give some problems and, of course, if there are a lot of users, could be very tedious, so how important is it? Also watch out for those that cancel the print. If you don't have error captrured on, then they will get a dialog box that asks them to cancel or continue with the script. If you set error capture on, then the counter will still increase, UNLESS you can figure out what the error number is for that type of thing (canceling part of a script, print error?? dunno?) and if the error number = whatever error number, then have the counter remain the same.

lots of thoughts, as always, my disclaimer, if anyone has anything better, please let him no, lest his time be wasted.


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This topic is 8511 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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