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Disabling Quit

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No it won't give the same results if you are trying to validate their entries. I have a quit button that check a record to see that all appropriate fields are completed....if they are, then the program quits....if they aren't then the user gets informed.

Choosing to run this script on closing does not solve the problem....as you cannot abort the "quit" that FMP is going through. It attempts to report the errors, but by the time it does, FMP is shutting down.

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use the following in your start up script:

Allow User Abort [Off]


Pause/Resume Script []

End Loop

this will not let the user quit filemaker. You should also hide the status bar and the only 2 ways to stop this is to A. Force quit (big no-no anyway) or B. a script that halts this script.

make sure you create a halting script and put the button somewhere before you try this so that you dont have to force quit. I would also put it in an if statement so that if you open it, that part of the script won't run.

When using other scripts, use the "Pause current script option" (under define button) unless it means going to a different file, then you will need to use the Halt Script or Exit Script options.

This also means that EVERYTHING you want to allow them to do has to be done by a button, which is generally a good idea anyway.

Just play with it.


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This topic is 8511 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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