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Pasting File Name

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I am using a calculated field to build a filename. I now want to use that file name in an export specification. I want a script to copy the filename from the calcuated field (have been able to do that) and then paste the name into the export file. Then the script should be able to cause the export scripting step to complete itself without operator intervention.

I have been able to copy the name into the clipboard, but I have had to use the CTRL-V keystroke to insert the name at the export filename spec, and then press the enter key until the export is completed. It is really not too complicated, but I am trying to get it to complete itself so that other operators will not have to remember the manual steps.


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I have run into a similar problem. Unfortunatly there is no built in way for FM to export records with a dynamic file name. Only fixed names are supported.

There are two ways to make a workaround. The first and easiest is with a plug-in for exporting.

The other way is a little more complicated. You first create a script that exports a small program(either an applescript or bat file depending on your platform.)that changes the file name.

so the way it works, is first create and export lines to make the bat file (this contains the hard coded file name and the field for the new file name)

Next export your data using the hard coded file name.

Finally call the bat file from within FM to rename the file.

This is cumbersom but does work. If you want more info, email me.

hope this helps.


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This topic is 8481 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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