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report dilemna

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I need help with my report. The report is structured as follows:

Header: Normal information date, title of report, etc..

Subsummary by c-first of month (Leading): I have this set to break by month. This part contains 1 field

(c-first of month) calculation ="Date(Month(Run End Date), 1, Year(Run End Date))"

Subsummary by substrate number(Trailing): I have it set up to break on product numbers. In this part has 7 fields.

(Substrate number) text field

(Cat Num) calculation= Case(IsEmpty(Substrate Part Number)," ",

Substrate Part Number = 123456789,"AB123",

Substrate Part Number = 123456987,"BA124", etc..)

(Sum of lot) summary field = total of Lot Quantity

(Sum of good) summary field = total of Good Quantity

(Sum of fail) summary field = total of CSubfail (Csubfail is a calculation field that contains the equation "sum(field1,field2)

(CRej) calculation = Round((GetSummary(sum of lot,Substrate Part Number))-(GetSummary(sum of Good, Substrate Part Number) + CSubfail), 0)

(Cyield) calculation = Round((GetSummary(sum of Good,Substrate Part Number)/(GetSummary(sum of Good, Substrate Part Number) + CRej)*100), 2)

Subsummary by c-first of month(Traling): I needed to use a subsummary instead of a Trailing Grand Summary because the calculation that is stored in (Cyield) needs to take the totals of (Sum of lot, Sum of good, Sum of fail, and Crej, and have an over all yield number, the yield number could not be the total of all the yields per product.) This part contains 7 fields they are all the same as the subsummary by substrate number Trailing

Except I have a field

(Sum Rej) summary = total of Crej.

(CyieldT) calculation = Round((GetSummary(sum of Good,sum of Good)/(GetSummary(sum of Good, sum of Good) + Sumrej)*100), 2)

My problem is that when there is more than 1 entry for a product in the month the Crej result is wrong. And so is the Yield Result (Cyield). What am I doing wrong?

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This topic is 8454 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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