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help me please!

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I am beginner and I wanted you to help me to carry out the following thing:

My project is to register all the attendances to 3 different machines in oneself file with 3 layout:


3 layout=(machine1=layout1,machine2=layout2,machine3=layout3)







My main problem is: when I change a data in layout1 for example "shift" this data also modifies in the layout2 and layout3.

Other problem is: I place a button in layout1 to generate new record and this button also affect to the layout2 and layout3.

The only thing that I am happened is to define fields in a different way for example:

in layout1



in layout2



as they would make it you?

Help me please

best regarts

Francisco Hernandez

[email protected]

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I think you have a MAJOR misunderstanding about how FM works! Layouts are not different sets of records or different records. The data in field 1 may be different for different RECORDS (like playing cards in a deck). The data in field 1 for record 1 is they same on all layouts. Different layouts are just different displays of the same data (like changing chairs at the card game, the first card has the same value no matter where you sit). You need different records for each machine, not different layouts. Back to the FileMaker books! -bd

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Hopefully this explanation will aleviate your confusion.

Layouts are like templates that were used years ago for typewriters. Cut a variety of holes in a piece of paper; then different holes in a 2nd and again different shapes and locations on a 3rd sheet.

If you place each of these sheets of paper over a newspaper page, you will see different information. All the information is on the newspaper page, the cut out paper only defines what you are able to see. This is like a layout in filemaker.

You need separate records or files for each machine. you can control what field titles are displayed on 1 layout for different machines by making your field titles calculation fields with an "if" statement or a "choose" function which is decided by which machine (record) you are looking at.

Maybe this will give you a jump start on your project.

Good luck


Kathy Eldredge

the Wild Sicilian

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Some of my staff have the same diffuculty while tye learning "programming" not only file maker.

Suppose that yo dont use computer for your project. What will you do? You are going to prepare a sheet. on that sheet there will be lines like that :

Machine name : xxxxxxxx

Process : ............

and than you are going to have the copies of that paper an put next to the every machine.

the style of the papers will be the same for all machine bu you are going to write different data on every paper.

Now on computer program; you are going to prepare just only one page ( that is layout) but you are ging to create "records" for each of the machine. What is the use of the computer and programe if I have to prepare layouts ( like copies of the original sheet)for each item ?

Here, the use of the computers and the programs is the ability to create records on a single form for each item.

whish you success..


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This topic is 8465 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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