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Field does not work on export

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I created a full name field by calculating First & " " & Last.

All are text.

It works on the layouts. It works when printing to PDf and preview. I actually see the full name.

I then export the fields to a basic file. This gives me plain text, with each field surrounded by quotes.

The fields all are what they should be, except for the full name field. It is "0" in every single instance.

Why does it not produce text instead of 0?

Is there any other way to output the fields as plain text.

I don't really need the quotes, but I do need text in a file (not pdf)

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Check that the Full Name field calculation is set to return "text" and not "number". Its default is to return a number.

While viewing the field on a layout FMP is being forgiving and displaying the contents of the field as entered (which is non-numeric). However when exporting it appears that FMP is stricter and is evaluating the field contents as a number or boolean (which if the field only contains text is being evaluated as zero).

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