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Jim Gill

IWP Server Ports 80 & 591 Configuration

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Jim Gill    1

We are a summer camp and will be deploying Parent Accounts through IWP and would like to use port 591.  The problem is I can't figure out how to configure Filemaker Server to listen on port 591.  Port 80 is being used so it makes sense to use the alternate - but how??  The firewall is configured properly to port forward 591. 


We have no problem accessing the IWP database on the LAN using port 80 (haven't been able to test outside yet - as I stated above port 80 is in use) but when I change the port in the IP address to 591 - http://LAN.ip:591/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html - nothing.  


I have searched but I can't find where to configure ports in Filemaker Server.


Here is what we are using:


Windows Server 2003 - latest SP & build

Filemaker Server Advanced 12 - latest build 


Thank you!


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The configuration change is made in IIS, not in FIleMaker Server.  Then through the Admin Console run the deployment for Web Publishing and select IIS as the web server.  There are other options other than using Port 591.



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Jim Gill    1

Thanks Steven - I'll let you know how we go.  What other options are you referring to?

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A second external public IP address can be forwarded to the NAT address of the server using Port 80.  You can then call the databases with that address.  What other use is Port 80 encumbered with on this machine anyway?



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Wim Decorte    455

As Steven is saying: if you have an existing website running on port 80, that does not prevent IWP from using the same port.  The FM traffic will be redirected by IIS to the IWP pages automatically through the URL syntax noted in red below:



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Jim Gill    1

Update:  My problem had nothing to do with a port conflict.   It was an IIS security setting where the Default Website (this is installed with IIS) -> Properties -> Directory Security tab ->  Ip address and Domain Restrictions had a denied access setting for Once I cleared this and set all the Child dependencies to update to this setting (a dialog box will pop asking if you would like to update these dependencies) - boom smooth as silk.  Everything is working great now.  


I followed theses steps:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/248043

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