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Toggle Button for View as Form-List-table question FMGo

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I have a data base well suited to Form View. Occasionally users will want to view as a table so I placed a toggle button on the layout to take them there.

Is there any user friendly way to get them from Table View to Form View without them having to go to the default "menu" button and then selecting "Form" from the View option ?

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Use buttons and Script it.

But can I do this from TABLE view to FORM view. I have a toggle button for FORM view to TABLE view but then I loose the button when it goes to TABLE view

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Change the options for the layout.

 Layout Mode >> Layout Setup >> Views 

Include Header Parts.


p.s. I usually create a new layout to be used for table view, and remove the views for List and Table view from the original Form View.



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add the p.s.
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Hi Nakizimbo,


It is usually best to provide separate layouts for the different views as Lee suggests:

  • If a form view contains a portal and you switch to table view, you will only have access to the first related ( child ) record.
  • If you have any buttons in the body of the form layout (or a portal), they will not fire while in table view (buttons will not fire in rows).
  • If you have two copies of the same field on a form (such as a merge block and also a field with a value list attached), both will not display in table view because table view only allows the first of the same field ( based upon its stacking order ).  So if you wanted the value list accessible but it was top in the stack, you will lose it.

Table view itself can also be dangerous because Users can add fields or records easily.  So if you provide table view, control those rights from Security privilege sets and use script triggers when necessary (which DO fire in body of table view).  Attempting to use a form view in table view is not worth the problems it creates since their needs are different.


 It is far easier to create a separate table view layout ( if you must ) and issue a Go To Layout [ table layout ] via your button instead of View As [ table view ]. By switching layouts, you can precisely control which fields are displayed on the table view and which can be searched or modified.  List view is better overall since buttons fire in the body but table view allows sorting columns so they each have their benefits, for sure.   ;)

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Thanks so much for taking the time to provide such detailed advice.  I often look at your feedback you post in this forum here as your comments are awsome and I have learnt so much from you and the other contributors. My database will be soley used on iOS and strange as it may seem, my users won't be adding or deleting records so I have disabled that ability by using custom privilges. They only need one button in table view and that is the toggle button, which I have placed in the header to take them back to Form view. So unless, there are any other hidden dangers that I have not covered my plan is to have the user toggle between Form and layout view. My testing todate on the IOS device has not uncovered any landmines...yet.  Thanks again for your help.  Nakizimbo.

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This topic is 2621 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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