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External Image Hosting

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Hey Guys, 


I'm new to the forum and also pretty new to Filemaker 13 so please be nice! :)


I am using Filemaker to help manage my inventory of a website (ecommerce) but finding it hard to find details on using an external image server (aka image directory of website)


So far I can managed to get the images to display from my external server (images.website.com/image1.jpg) using the Web Viewer and also managed to removed the borders and fix the scaling by adding in HTML code into a field called ImageCode

<img src='images.website.com/image1.jpg' style='width:100%; height:100%'/>


Now I would like to link the field content of Product::Image1 (this is where my url is located) to replace "images.website.com/image1.jpg" link which I manually entered into the ImageCode field. 


Can anyone advise the best way to do this? or if there is a guide for designing filemaker db's for use with external image servers.





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I think what you want to do is make ImageCode a calc field where the calc is:

<img src='" & Product::Image1 & "' style='width:100%; height:100%'/>

If Product::Image1 is a full url including "http://" this calc will not work.  That field would need to contain "images.website.com/image1.jpg" without the quotes for it to work.

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Thanks Man. 


That has worked! although I did have to amend my Product::Image1 fields to include http:// infront of the images.website.image1.jpg like you said but that was easily done!


I'm very much beginning to like FileMaker!


Thank you for your help :D

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You can have your calc remove the http:// using any one of the many text functions.  Here are some simple examples:


Right ( Product::Image1 ; Count ( Product::Image1 ) - 7  )

That counts the number of characters in the field, then displays all but the first 7.  That wouldn't catch https:// and if it didn't contain a http:// it would remove the first 7 when you dont want it to.


Substitute ( Product::Image1 ; "http://" ; "" )

Looks for "http://" and if found replaces it with nothing.

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This topic is 2586 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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