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Start Stop Timer in webviewer in Go12 on ipad

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reading through the different approaches to timers for elapsed time capturing, I cannot seem to find the right lead or approach:


For a quiz scenario  on an Ipad, I would like to press start that triggers a timer to start counting up the seconds.

While they are visibly running, the user will perform a quiz and answer questions, switching layouts.

When he is finished he will press stop and the used time (the one displayed on screen) is saved. 


Any leads how this could be done? My head is spinning on the thought of a javascript count up of seconds...


Thank you!

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After pondering on it I think the approach is a little to complicated. 
In my opinion, it would be easiest to timestamp a field and then start a timer in a web viewer.


If the user clicks stop on a button on the interface, I would wipe the web viewer and evaluate the result in 

a field. 


Now- trying to find a simple javascript that will return Minutes:Seconds of my timer that will start upon 

a certain amount of minutes seconds counting up (lap) has proven difficult to find for me.

Who would know how where to find this?


Your help is appreciated, thank you.

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Yes comment, thanks. I had been looking at it and tried to adapt the egg timer that does almost everything. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to make it count up,

the egg timer counts down....

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This topic is 2581 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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