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identifying the long-lost graphic font in an fp7 file


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Dear lovely experts,


Sigh. Several years ago I volunteered to help an artist friend by setting up a graphically complex database which made central use of a specific dingbat font (for musical symbols). Long story*** but...


Now, on a much newer computer without the font, faced with a request to re-generate the printout, I don't even see how I can find out what the font name WAS, since FM only shows me the substituted-in font when I [convert and] open the file. (And, to be clear, there's no way of even approximating the desired output with a different font.)


Somewhere in the file itself must be the name or other ID string for the font actually specified by my layout, yes?... Any tips?


[***Kicking self for not punting out a pdf file way back when and creating an archive folder with all related files including fonts...***]


Many many thanks in advance...



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I have thousands of fonts, and I had never heard of this one.

I did a google search though for dingbat Font WAS got a hit.




BTW,  It is not a good idea to use obscure fonts, especially in FileMaker. Fonts even from the well know foundries such as Adobe, will sometimes mess you up.

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This topic is 2534 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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