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FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts


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FMP 13 - Web Direct - Improperly displaying list layout with sub-summary parts

(public link for this doc)



I am having a problem with Filemaker Pro 13’s Web Direct handling of a simple list layout with sub-summaries.  


The sub summaries, when added, seem to be cutting off the first (or last*) row of detail in the body.  

* If the sub-summary is above the body it cuts off the first row.  

* If the sub-summary is trailing the body, it cuts off the last row of detail.

(this example includes 5 records which should be grouped into three groups (by ID number).


Hopefully these diagrams help:


I also attached a PDF version of these diagrams.


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Wow, I'm having the SAME issue with FileMaker 18 WebDirect. After some experimentation I have found a possible workaround.

You can replace a Leading Grand Summary with a Header if you use a Title Header or Top Navigation as well, and you can replace a Trailing Grand Summary with a Footer if you use a Title Footer or Bottom Navigation as well. Basically if you use a Title Header/Footer and/or Top/Bottom Navigation, then the standard Header/Footer parts don't get repeated every page and can take summary fields. This has eliminated the above problem for me. It's not a perfect solution and it may have other consequences based on your own layouts, so YMMV.

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This topic is 599 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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