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Why is in estimates a tab with supplier. Supplier of what? Supplier of the products in the estimates-lines? But when you offer different products from different suppliers?

Or is it the information about the transport company or post like UPS?

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Hi Rob532,


The Supplier can be anything you like...as it is not connected to anything else.   BUT... we originally put it in there to provide information on who supplied the item in the estimate to you.


So if you are a Reseller of Firearms... for example... and you needed to provide the Los Angeles Police Dept with a Quote for a new Pistol.   The "supplier fields" might be Glock of Symerna Georgia.  LOL. :-)


Or something like that.


In some businesses...however... the supplier might change on a line...by line basis...so the design of the database would need to be updated to fit that need.


- Richard

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This topic is 2027 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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