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Returning a Global Variable for a Find

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I have an intermediate level of experience with Filemaker pro and am working on Filemaker Pro 13.

I am trying to fix an automated script for removing a series of records based on a common identifier field.  During this process I pass the identifier field of the existing record to a global variable, but can not pass it back after initiating the find.  Below is this script:

<<-- Beginning of Script -->>

Show Custom Dialog ["Message"; "Do you really want to delete this series?"]

If [Get(LastMessageChoice) = 1]

   Exit Script []

End If

Go to Layout [""Schedule Visit" (Scheduling)]

Set Field ["Scheduling::record_place_holder; Scheduling::Appoint_Set_Record]

Set Error Capture [On]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Scheduling::Appoint_Set_Record; Scheduling;;record_place_holder]

set Field [Scheduling;;Date_Start; Get(CurrentDate)]

Inser Text[Scheduling;;Date_Start; "...12/31/2222"]

Perform Find[]

Go to Layout [Delete Appointment Set"( Scheduling)]

Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

Go to Record/Request/Page [First]

Set Error Capture [Off]

<<-- ! End of Script -->>

If I Echo the values for the record_place_holder and Appoint_Set_Record before the line:

Enter Find Mode[]

The values are the same, but after

Set Field [Scheduling::Appoint_Set_Record; Scheduling;;record_place_holder]

The Appoint_Set_Record is blank.


I am not sure if this is syntax or Filemaker Logic that is preventing the record_place_holder value from being passed to Appoint_Set_Record during the Find process.

Any direction or Enlightenment on this topic would be welcome.


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Can you please print your script to PDF, then open it and copy the contents out of it then paste in here as "code" (<>)? Then we could see what you actually have in the script.


I cannot see you setting a variable. 

And why do you need a record placeholder? What does that do?

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It's hard to follow the logic of your script, because we don't have the context. Here's a guess:

When you enter Find mode, only global fields have values. So when you do:

Set Field [Scheduling::Appoint_Set_Record; Scheduling;;record_place_holder]

it can only work if Scheduling::record_place_holder is a global field.

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This topic is 3114 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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