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multiple substitutions from scripted variable

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I have a script that loops thru [ go to next ] tab designated fields on a layout and generates a substitution list as such ;

"[\""&Get ( ActiveLayoutObjectName ) & "\"; " & Get ( ActiveFieldTableName ) & "::" & Get ( ActiveFieldName )&"];"

appending  "Substitute(report flow data::report" and  ")" at end  

(report flow data:: report) being a template loaded with "key words"




Substitute(report flow data::report

["rdate"; report flow data::flowtest_date];

["rgpd"; report flow data::gallons per day;

["syaddress"; selected system::c_NameAndAddress];

["wdesc"; selected_water::c_waterDescBasic]


the key words to be substituted are the individual fields given name and for easy remembering that fields tooltip as well , is it possible to script edit the fields name thus  editing the "key word" 


This custom function "substitute data" substitutes with the scripted text chunk pasted into the function.

how to utilize variable $$sublist  in place of text chunk

apparently one can only substitute text ? it appears that a calculated number doesn't work.


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Hi Tom,

Your explanation mentions both the field names and contents, and Variables?. In other words, to me it isn’t clear on what you want your end results to be.

You cannot change field names with a script. Scripts only work in browse mode.

So, if your intent is to change the Field Names, change them in Manage Database or on the Layout,  If you are looping through the records to replace the occurrences of rdate, systreet, etc, in your Fields, then your substitute seems to be ok.

Why not attach a sample file or copy of your current file to help us see the schema better?



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This topic is 3059 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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