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Where did Easy Sync Go ?

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The Internet Archive's wayback machine can be handy for viewing deleted web pages, if you're looking for documentation that wasn't moved to GitHub: https://web.archive.org/web/20151026043831/http://timdietrich.me/fmeasysync/

I started working on a fork of EasySync a while back, but got distracted before I could release my changes, here's my repo: https://github.com/dansmith65/FileMaker-EasySync/tree/dev

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Thanks Dan,

What a relief, It was exactly the information I was looking for !

I have just implemented the sync script in one of my solutions and it seems to work perfectly well now.

Again, I hope Easy Sync will continue to be developed as it's such a valuable tool !

Best regards and Happy New Year to you all !


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Easy Sync is alive and well.  Thanks to this thread I was able to download and set it up in a few hours for a project we are working on.  The setup was flawless, except the instructions for container field conversion to are a little off.  If you run into that issue use the fix here.



The version I have is 1.3 from 10/19/14. Is there a newer stable version, or is this it? 

The initial record load (I started it with a blank table on the ipad) took about 10 mins for 2000 records.  After that the actual sync has been taking seconds.  Anyone have experience with how it performs with very large record sets?  The way my project is going we could have 100,000 records or more.  The changes, however will be very small 50-100 changed records a day at most.

Can anyone recommend a good ongoing thread with the latest on this? Since it's such a critical component of our solution I want to stay up on it.


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From a pure performance perspective, on large data sets fmEasySync is slow. If your record set changes are small, the sync should be fast. 

The original developer that released fmEasySync and the other "Easy" products is no longer involved in the FileMaker community. His business has changed, so there is no active development on it, except the few forks on GitHub that other developers have picked up. But even those do really have any active changes to them recently.

The original developer released them not as a supported product like GoZync, MirrorSync, etc. They were merely "Open Source" tools that you could build on and use.

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This topic is 2206 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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