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Edit a Value List via web PHP API (not using values from field)

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I would like to edit a value list via a web interface- I have done this using a field ("Use values from field"), but that [I incorrectly assumed, see doughemi's suggestion below!] requires adding/editing a record for each value, while (if possible) the textarea box would allow the editing of the whole value list at once.

Genx showed how to display a value list...

$layout = $fm->getLayout('my_template');

$list = array_map("htmlentities",(array)$layout->getValueList('my_list'));

I am hoping there is some easy way to send back an edited valuelist…  We are using Filemaker Server 11 (not advanced).

Thanks in advance!

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Your values do not necessarily need to be in separate records.  You can use a field in one record with a return-delimited list of values to create a value list.

I use a one-record utility table for things like this.  Your php code would look something like this:

$layout = $fm->getLayout('YourLayout');
$list = array_map("htmlentities",(array)$layout->getValueList('YourValueList'));
$newlist = $list;
//modify your $newlist array here
//convert the array to a return-delimited string
$newString = implode("\n",$newlist );
// now upload it to the database in a field named "vlfield" in utility table named "yourUtilityTable"
$getstuff = $fm->newFindAllCommand('yourUtilityTable');
$result = $getstuff->execute();
$records = $result->getRecords();
$myRecord = $records[0];
$myRecID = $myRecord->getRecordId();
$sendNewVL = $fm->newEditCommand('yourUtilityTable', $myRecID);
$sendNewVL -> setField('vlfield', $newString);
$result2 = $sendNewVL->execute();
//return-delimited list is now in vlfield.  Use the values from vlfield to create your value list.


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This topic is 2961 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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