Legality of Web Viewer Tool/Video links in SDK App Store Apps?

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I have put together what I firmly believe to be a very polished FM solution for IOS and plan to push this to Apple's App store as a first time developer quite soon using Filemaker's SDK/XCode kit. I do realise the complexity behind this, including catering for data protection during version updates, multilingual distribution, security options, etc.


However, my question relates to the legality of:

  • embedding the Web Viewer Tool in the App which, as a small feature of the App, will automatically search the internet for images based on existing field entries.
  • using Google Maps in the Web Viewer Tool.
  • including YouTube links, on another layout, where I have provided a feature for not only allowing the end user to store their own links to YouTube videos but also intend to pre-populate the App with links pertinent to the App's purpose. The videos would play within the app once selected.

No attempt has been made to hide the fact within the App that Google and YouTube content is being used.


I have searched this forum, the internet and some of Apple's and Filemaker's documentation but cannot find any clear statement as to whether such proposed usage is permissible, especially when deploying as an App Store App. The content itself (the images searched for or the videos linked to) is not embedded in the App. Also, would permission necessarily need to be sought from the creators of the pre-populated linked videos?


I would appreciate any advice or reference to documentation which would help to clarify the legality of these matters.

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Are you referring to the legality of using the content?  I doubt anyone will comment on this one. You would have to look at the terms and conditions of the sites to see what they allow...and potentially hire a lawyer.

Or using the WebViewer in the app you are selling and the legality of the license?  FMI provide the iOS SDK if you are a FDS subscriber. I don't remember seeing any restrictions on usage of features. However, there are a few minor things that function differently.

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On 2/27/2017 at 11:14 AM, 34South said:

No attempt has been made to hide the fact within the App that Google and YouTube content is being used.

My 2 cents worth; As long as you do not claim the content to be yours you should be fine.

You provid an entry point that may or may not be more appropriate for the users of your app to already existing public services AFAIK.

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